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Best courses and tutorials on the web
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AI for Leaders
AI for Leaders[]
....don't get left behind. Enroll in the first self directed AI program for leaders to advance your career and company.

how to create a blog
Two hours tutorial on how to create a blog

Blogging For Total Newbies
Introductory video to blogging - The Blog Beautician

Blogger Tutorial for Beginners
Short videos that introduce you to blogging

get started on writing a blog
Tutorial on how to get started on writing a blog

making espresso
Five videos to discover Espresso

becoming a Barista
Several videos to learn the basic Barista skills

Online Barista Training
Online Barista Training[]
Series of introductory videos about different coffee processes and how to become a Barista

brew wheat beer
Video that describes the brewing of wheat beer

Homebrewing Basics[]
Four videos on Homebrewing Basics

Introductory video to brewing by Brooklyn Brew Shop

Homebrew Recipe Development
On hour introductory video to the art of brewing

Innovation Strategies for Electric Mobility: The StreetScooter Case
Help your organization develop the strategies needed to become a front-runner of innovation in electric mobility and beyond.

Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology
Explore the impact and influence of Star Trek on today's society and technology.

Python Data Structures
Python Data Structures[]
The second course in Python for Everybody explores variables that contain collections of data like string, lists, dictionaries, and tuples. Learning how to store and represent and manipulate data collections while a program is running is an important part of learning how to program.
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