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Free Healthcare courses and tutorials

Strategic Leadership in Healthcare
Develop your own leadership style, while also coaching and mentoring teams to promote individual growth and improve organizational outcomes.

Applying Leadership and Strategy Fundamentals in Healthcare
Develop a personal leadership style while acquiring strategies for individual and team development.

Healthcare Research: For Healthcare Professionals
Discover how to conduct and evaluate healthcare research, and use your findings to inform best practice and guidelines.

Human Factors in a Healthcare Environment
Learn how the study of human factors can reduce error in healthcare with this course for healthcare professionals.

Understanding the Australian Health Care System
Understand and navigate the complexities of Australia’s world-leading health care system by following patient journeys.

Health in Humanitarian Crises
Health in Humanitarian Crises[www.futurelearn.com]
Discover the health needs of those affected by humanitarian crises, challenges of delivering healthcare, and what we must do next.

Healthcare Finance, Economics and Risk
Gain the knowledge of financial systems needed to be a leader or administrator in the healthcare industry and how they impact strategic planning, quality assurance and risk management initiatives.

The Role of Personal Assistants in Disability Support
Find out about the new role of personal assistants in disability support, and how to improve working relationships in the area.

Understanding Continence Promotion: Effective Management of Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction in Adults
Develop the skills to work with adults with different types of continence problems and understand effective treatments.

Well and Able - Improving the Physical Health of People with Intellectual Disability
Learn how to help those with intellectual disability achieve better health.

OPAT: Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy
Learn how patients with a serious infection can be managed in outpatient settings with the help of an OPAT service.

Healthcare Organization and Delivery Models
Learn how the structure and delivery of healthcare systems can greatly impact health outcomes.

Organizational Culture and Change in Healthcare
Learn social, behavioral, and organizational science methods for driving organizational change in the healthcare industry.

Leading Organizational Change in Healthcare
Learn how to apply change management processes within a healthcare organization.

Healthcare Administration Comprehensive Exam
Take the Comprehensive Exam and demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the Healthcare Administration MicroMasters program to earn the DoaneX MicroMasters credential.

Health Coaching for Patient Care
Learn essential coaching techniques to assist patients with behavior and lifestyle modifications.

The NHS Explained: How the Health System in England Really Works
Get a detailed understanding of the NHS - its inner workings, current and future challenges, and how it all fits together.

Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness
Understand the connection between physical and mental health and improve your ability to identify symptoms and sources of help.

Protecting Health Data in the Modern Age: Getting to Grips with the GDPR
Learn how the GDPR helps to protect health data and get familiar with rights,obligations, risks and safeguards.

Advanced Literature Searching in the Health Sciences
Learn the fundamental components of advanced literature searches for professionals and researchers in the health sciences. This course will help you improve the quality and reporting of literature searches for projects that rely on past research.

Causes of Human Disease: Understanding Cardiovascular Disease
Explore normal cardiovascular function and risk factors associated with heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Chronic Disease Treatment with Lifestyle Medicine
Learn specific lifestyle medicine treatment protocols for a variety of chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

U.S. Healthcare Systems
Examine the structure and delivery of the U.S. healthcare system and its impact on population health outcomes, and comparative analysis.

Quality Improvement in Healthcare: the Case for Change
Explore new and better ways of organising health and social care services, to improve quality, with this free online course.

Principles of Health Law and Regulatory Issues
Identify key health law and regulatory principles.

Design in Healthcare: Using Patient Journey Mapping
Learn about the Patient Journey Mapping method for innovative product and service design in healthcare.

Fundamentals of Advocacy in Health Policy
Examine a variety of methods of advocacy and discover how health policies are developed, adopted and implemented.

Organ Donation: The Essentials for Healthcare Professionals
Understand the key processes regarding organ donation with this course for healthcare professionals, anywhere in the world.

Clinical Supervision for Health Professionals
Learn the skills you need to become an effective clinical supervisor and inspire the health professionals of tomorrow.

Managing Change in a Healthcare Environment
Understand why change happens in healthcare environments and learn how to improve your response.

Developing Clinical Empathy: Making a Difference in Patient Care
Discover the difference empathy can make to patient care, and improve your own clinical empathy.

Could You Be the Next Florence Nightingale?
Explore important aspects of public health and the role of modern nursing within it

Data Science for Healthcare: Using Real World Evidence
Discover the importance of real world evidence (RWE) and learn how it can be used in healthcare.

Medical Humanity: Engaging Patients and Communities in Healthcare
Find out how and why you should engage patients and communities in the development of new healthcare technology and treatments.

An Introduction to Physical Health Assessment
Explore the head-to-toe physical assessment process and learn to safely conduct a patient consultation.

Service Improvement in Healthcare
Service Improvement in Healthcare[www.futurelearn.com]
Explore how improvement models can help healthcare workers enhance health services and deliver benefits to patients.

Measuring and Valuing Health
Measuring and Valuing Health[www.futurelearn.com]
Learn how Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Quality Adjusted Life Years can compare treatments and inform healthcare spending.

Medicines Adherence: Supporting Patients with Their Treatment
How can healthcare professionals help patients to improve their health through medicines adherence?

Healthy Futures: How Can We Create the Most Effective Healthcare System?
Find out how to solve some of the world’s biggest healthcare problems and make a positive difference.

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