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Xero courses

Xero is a popular cloud-based accounting platform for small businesses. It offers invoice processing, inventory management, payroll management, expense management. Furthermore it integrates with hundreds of external services to extend its functionality. The Xero tutorials and courses below will help you get started.

Free Xero courses and tutorials

Xero introduction
Introductory two part tutorial in Xero

xero video series
Introduction to Xero[www.youtube.com]
13 part video series about Xero by Tall Books

Xero training
Thorough introduction to Xero

Xero introduction
13 part Youtube video series by BookkeepingMaster

Xero dummies
Xero For Dummies[www.amazon.com]
Thorough introductory text by Heather Smith

Additional useful resources

Xero Podcasts
Official Xero podcasts covering various topics.

Xero Tips & Tricks from our community

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MisterJ · 216 weeks ago
Use the inbuilt calculator! Many (not all) fields in Xero accept math functions. So, instead of performing a calculation like 43 * 5.82 with your calculator on the table (or phone) you can type it directly into the field in Xero. This can save a lot of time and decreases the risk of entering a wrong number.
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