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Learn Computer Science with the following free courses and tutorials. Chosen and upvoted by our community. Do you know other free Computer Science courses that should be listed here? Add them to Coursearena and help others who search for it.

Free Computer Science courses and tutorials

IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Social implications
Working with Information Technology (IT) without the necessary background? Learn about careers, and social implications of IT

Intro to Theoretical Computer Science
Learn the basic concepts in theoretical computer science. Discover what they imply for solving tough computational challenges.

Compilers: Theory and Practice
This course teaches the theory and practice behind building compilers for higher level programming languages.

Computability, Complexity & Algorithms
Learn tools and techniques that will help you recognize when problems you encounter are intractable and when there an efficient solution.

Introduction to Computer Science
An introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.

CS50's AP® Computer Science Principles
This is CS50 AP, Harvard University's introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming for students in high school, which satisfies the College Board's new AP CS Principles curriculum framework.

Computer Networking
Computer Networking[www.udacity.com]
This is an advanced Computer Networking course that delves into the latest concepts and tools used by the CN industry.

Intro to Computer Science
Intro to Computer Science[www.udacity.com]
Learn key computer science concepts in this introductory Python course. You'll learn by doing, and will build your own search engine and social network.

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