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Swift courses

Learn Swift with the following free courses and tutorials. Chosen and upvoted by our community. Do you know other free Swift courses that should be listed here? Add them to Coursearena and help others who search for it.

Free Swift courses and tutorials

Swift for Developers
Swift for Developers[www.udacity.com]
Get a quick practical introduction to Swift programming basics and build your first iOS app!

Swift for Beginners
Swift for Beginners[www.udacity.com]
Learn Swift, Apple's programming language for building iOS applications. Start with the basics and work your way towards completing sets of challenges in Swift.

Learn Swift Programming Syntax
This course focuses on the syntax of the Swift programming language. By the end of the course, you'll be able to apply Swift essentials to building iOS apps.

iOS Networking with Swift
iOS Networking with Swift[www.udacity.com]
Learn how to incorporate networking into your apps to access data from around the world. Build the On the Map app to share location and fun links with fellow students.

Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift
Review and practice the skills technical interviewers expect you to know and learn how to explain your Swift solutions.

Server-Side Swift
Server-Side Swift[www.udacity.com]
In this course, built in collaboration with IBM and Hashicorp, you'll learn how to use Swift as a server-side language for building end-to-end applications.

How to Make an iOS App
How to Make an iOS App[www.udacity.com]
Learn the process of building an app, taking your ideas from drawing board to App Store!

Intro to iOS App Development with Swift
Take the first step in becoming an iOS Developer by learning about Swift and writing your first app.

Objective-C for Swift Developers
Learn the distinguishing language features of Objective-C. Practice Objective-C syntax by writing classes, and writing and calling methods.

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