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Humanity courses

Learn Humanity with the following free courses and tutorials. Chosen and upvoted by our community. Do you know other free Humanity courses that should be listed here? Add them to Coursearena and help others who search for it.

Free Humanity courses and tutorials

HOPE: Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism
What sets us apart, and brings us together, as humans? How can we live up to our humanity? Join us as we explore not only "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" but "death, freedom, and the pursuit of meaning."

Evolution of the Human Sociality: A Quest for the Origin of Our Social Behavior
Learn about the origins of human beings and primatology, the scientific study of primates.

Introduction to Humanitarian Aid
Introduction to Humanitarian Aid[www.futurelearn.com]
Discover the history of humanitarian aid and the principles and values that underpin it.

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