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Climate change courses

Learn about climate change with the following free courses and tutorials. Chosen and upvoted by our community. Do you know other free climate change resources that should be listed here? Add them to Coursearena and help others who search for it.

Free Climate change courses and tutorials

Climate Change: The Science
Climate Change: The Science[www.futurelearn.com]
Learn about the science of climate change, the risks it poses and how human activity is changing our world.

Climate Change Evidence
Overview of the climate change causes described by a series of 20 questions

Causes of Climate Change
Causes of Climate Change[www.futurelearn.com]
Understand the physical processes behind climate variations in the past, present and future, with this free online course

Climate Change: Solutions
Climate Change: Solutions[www.futurelearn.com]
Explore the potential solutions to climate change and how they relate to the UN's sustainable development goals.

The Climate-Energy Challenge
Learn more about the science behind climate change.

Making Sense of Climate Science Denial
Climate change is real, so why the controversy and debate? Learn to make sense of the science and to respond to climate change denial.

Essential Tools For The Low Carbon Economy
Investigate global climate change policies and learn the essential skills organisations need to be financially competitive in a low carbon economy.

Climate Change Science and Negotiations
Humanity is up against a tight timeline to address climate change. Learn how we can deeply decarbonize the global energy systems, and put the world on a 2°C pathway.

Environmental Change
36 lesson by Prof. Ronald B. Smith devoted to the study of climate

Climate Change: The Science
Master the basics of climate science so you can better understand the news, evaluate scientific evidence, and explain global warming to anyone.

Climate Change Education
Learn how to work with your students to help them explore climate change through the use of interactive and engaging activities. These activities are designed for students at the primary and secondary levels.

Global Warming Course
23 videos in Global Warming

The Health Effects of Climate Change
Learn how global warming impacts human health, and the ways we can diminish those impacts.

Planetary Boundaries
Planetary Boundaries[www.edx.org]
Can our planet continue to support the current scope of human activity?

Tipping Points: Climate Change and Society
Discover how rapid changes to natural systems may make Earth look very different in the future.

Our Changing Climate: Past, Present and Future
Find out more about the climate of the past and how climate change can present a number of risks and opportunities.

Climate Justice: Lessons from the Global South
Understand how we can balance human needs with caring for the planet with this free online course about climate change.

Monitoring Climate from Space
Monitoring Climate from Space[www.futurelearn.com]
Explore our planet from space and learn how Earth observation is used to monitor climate change, with this free online course.

The Impact of Climate Change on Public Health
Explore the impact of climate change on public health, and discover ways to influence behaviours and policies at all levels.

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