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The piano is one of the most popular instruments to date with millions of players in the United States alone. Learning a simple melody that is recongizable is easy, however it often takes years or decades of hard practice to really master the piano. The following list of piano courses and lesson can help you getting started.

Free Piano courses and tutorials

Jazz Piano Lessons[www.youtube.com]
Advanced lessons to learn jazz piano

piano fundamentals
Fundamentals of Piano Practice[www.pianopractice.org]
Fundamental practice methods for the piano

Introductory 10 part Youtube course covering various topics.

Learn Jazz Piano: IV. Final Topics & Two Programmed Concerts
Explore advanced blues sequences, ballads, special devices and comping. Incorporate Latin and funk influences into your style.

Learn Jazz Piano: III. Solo Piano and Advanced Topics
Take your jazz music to the next level and learn how to play a jazz waltz, play in root position and more.

Piano Tips & Tricks from our community

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