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Origami tutorials

Origami is the art of paper folding. The starting point is typically a single sheet of square paper which is the folded into different sculptures like, e.g., animals. Simple models only require little ressources and time, more complex designs, however, require precision and time. Have a look at the origami tutorials below and become an origami master yourself!

Free Origami courses and tutorials

Jo Nakashima
Popular YouTube channel about Origami

Origami beginners
Colorful Origami models for beginners

Origami Resource Center
Origami Resource Center[www.origami-resource-center.com]
Instructional website for origami dedicated to beginners and advanced learners

Origami book
Origami book with video tutorials for Beginners

Additional useful resources

How to read Origami diagrams
This website explains the basic symbols that you will find in an Origami diagram.

Origami Tips & Tricks from our community

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Akari · 241 weeks ago
I know it is tempting, but as a new folder your should NOT try to fold the nicest, most complicated origami you can find. It is likely that you will get frustrated and feel that you don't have the skill. Origami is difficult and takes a lot of practice. Start with something simple and work your way up to intermediate and eventually complex models. In this way Origami can bring years of joy and you won't be discouraged from day one.
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