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Migrating Workloads to Azure

Migrating Workloads to Azure

Learn how to take existing on premises solutions and move them to Azure.
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This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in Cloud Administration.

Whether solving for hardware obsolescence cycles, quicker time to market, or enabling disaster recovery, organizations should consider moving some on premises resources to the cloud. This course will show you why migrating certain workloads to Azure just might make sense.

Applications developed specifically for the cloud can readily capitalize on the advantages of the cloud and the agility it brings. However, many solutions originally developed for an on-premises scenario, can also benefit from the cloud. 

This course will introduce you to different migration scenarios including when a migration should be rebuilt in Azure and migration limitations. 

You’ll also learn how to ensure the resources you want to migrate do not have any unsupported features or configurations. As well as how to validate, prepare, check and then commit to a migration workflow. 

This course focuses on how to configure the Azure platform for your migration. You will learn how to choose and configure the correct storage account and Azure virtual network. 

In addition to the different deployment models, scenarios, and requirements for migrating, and replicating resources to Azure, you’ll learn about Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as the Business Continuity Disaster Recovery solution.

6 weeks, 2h-4h/week
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