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Big Data Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and the Future

Big Data Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and the Future

We produce more data than ever before. Find out how ‘big data analytics’ can help you make use of it.
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In the information age, we value the people who can understand the data

Put simply, ‘big data analytics’ helps us to understand the huge volume of information our world now generates. We can use analytics to uncover hidden patterns, predict trends, gauge customer opinions and so much more.

On this course, you’ll explore big data analytics, with a focus on the ethical, social, and legal implications. You’ll learn how to evaluate data from different sources, and how big data is being used in various industries to solve problems and shape our future.

You’ll also look into the risks that arise from big data analytics, and, ultimately, how all this impacts your life.

This course would suit anyone interested in learning about the fast-growing field of big data, including those considering a career in the industry. It may be of particular use to social media users, or those interested in seeing how big data may affect their particular industry.

4 hours/week
Sebastian B
Griffith University
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